Liz & Todd, 9.14.13, Wychmere Beach Club Wedding Photographer

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Another gorgeous Saturday in September.  THIS is why it is the best month of the year here in the Northeast without question.  Except for the occasional hurricane.  But I digress… to Todd and Liz’s AMAZING day!  This couple had every detail considered carefully.  And it was a perfect day.


How lucky were Steph and I to be at Wychmere Beach Club for the second weekend in a row?

Steph grabbed a few shots of the guys as they made their final preparations.  Love the ones of Todd and Doug, his soon to be father-in-law.  What are they discussing here?  Ha!

Liz and Todd admitted that they’d seen each other earlier that day… which I think was probably a good thing.  Just so Todd didn’t completely pass out during the first look.

Dress on and everyone almost lost it… but held it together!

Here we go!  Liz and Todd had chosen the landing (note Wychmere there in the background) for their first look.

A combo of my view and Steph’s…

So Liz can actually position herself so her tears just fall right out of her eyes into her hands.  This is new to me and quite a trick.

Love it.  There are other signs but I thought I’d keep those secret =).

Todd wasn’t too psyched about holding the sign by the ribbon!

Love this series- combo of my view and Steph’s…


Yet another beautiful spot at Wychmere…

Out to the Hydrangea Lawn for the ceremony

Longest processional ever.  But absolutely perfect.

My favorite!  Steph’s view… and I will go on again about having a second shooter!

I love this series.  Faith was recounting Liz and Todd’s first encounters… and how Liz said no at first!

Cheer up, Todd!

This cutie made a brief appearance for formals!

Compliments of Grandpa…

Up to the Ocean Room.  What a gorgeous setting.

Look who found his flask!  And check out the note in the guest book.  I love it!  Liz and Todd had me print design and print a book for their guests to sign from their engagement session.  A little advertisement.  It came out beautiful.

Dad kept it together for a beautiful toast (for now, anyway!  Stay tuned).

Love this one.

Aaannnddd he’s lost it.  And those tears aren’t falling off Liz’s face anymore!  Beautiful.

Lots of brotherly love.  And very humorous, loving toasts.

Great shot of Steph’s!

Don’t worry, Todd, there’s another shot of this that is a bit more organized.  But I LOVE this one.

With Liz and Todd’s wedding I say farewell to beautiful summer.  Aloha, Liz and Todd!

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