Yurie & Mike, 9.19.15, Andover Wedding Photographer

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What a perfect day in such a gorgeous setting for Yurie and Mike.  As alumni of Phillips Andover, it was very special for these two to wed in the beautiful Cochran Chapel.

Yurie truly looked like a princess!  Absolutely perfect.  Originally from Japan, some of the women in her family donned traditional kimonos for the day, simply gorgeous.

When I first looked at this photo while processing, I thought, what are they reading?  Then I realized they were reading along, in Japanese, with Mike and Yurie’s vows.  Yurie provided the Japanese translation. 

Such a beautiful, late summer day, and we spent some time strolling through campus and snapping photos at Yurie and Mike’s favorite spots around campus.  Talk about picturesque!


LOVED this spot- in front of Sam Phil- the lighting was just perfect.

My favorite thing about this setting is the bikes, brick building, old trees.  So very New England, so very Phillips Andover.

Where they met…

Then it was off to the Lanham Club, also beautiful and the perfect, intimate setting.

Yurie chose a “naked” cake to minimize the sugar!  I love this on so many levels!

Everyone was out on the dance floor!

Thanks for making my trip north so great, Mike and Yurie!

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