The Unis Family Portrait Preview, Hull Portrait Photographer

LOVE this crew!  So great to see them again just a few months after Nancy and Andrew’s big day!

Really, I could not find a happier crew if I tried!  The beach was absolutely gorgeous on Tuesday night too.

These two celebrated 30 years just last month- right here in this very spot.  Perfect!

Had to grab a shot on the porch, this beautiful Hull home has been in the family for generations.

I always love finding new spots!  The top of Fort Revere was amazing!

What a sunset!EMH_0888unisblog0014
Thank you, Unis fam! Always a pleasure!


Jackie & Trevor, 7.23.17, Scituate Wedding Photographer

What a PERFECT day for Jackie and Trevor!  This day was two years in the making, and they couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous July setting.  And this little guy!  Jackie had this sign all ready for him…

Had to include this sign in one dress shot- love it!schblog0003

I mean really!

Sue Chessia’s exquisite designs.. 

Jackie was riding in style!

I always love to be at St. Mary’s in Scituate.  It is such a beautiful setting!

So awesome to return to Scituate Light, where we did some of Jackie and Trevor’s engagement session last year.  

Off to Atlantica… another of my fave’s.  Gorgeous day!

This little guy stole the show!  

Cheers, Trevor & Jackie!


Katherine’s Senior Portrait Preview, Cape Cod Senior Portrait Photographer

How is it possible I am posting this sweet girl’s senior portraits??  I still remember her as the happiest little baby with her big bows.  I love that both she and her brother chose to have their photos done on the Cape, where they’ve visited every summer.
Bourne Farm, still my favorite spot!  It was nice to get some land shots (hey, it COULD be Oklahoma!) and some true Cape beach shots too.

Loved how this outfit popped the colors!Of course a few with Gitzy’s sailboat and big bro!
KATHBLOG0022These are my faves!

Best of luck to you, Katherine- we are expecting great things!