Buddy Bear, 10.20.16, Boston Portrait Photographer

It was great to see this awesome couple again, and of course to see the star of the show, Buddy Bear.  Anna reached out to me because she’s not sure how much time this handsome furry friend has left, and wanted to capture some memories at one of their favorite spots, Castle Island.

Seriously, what a camera ham!

This is one lucky dog, and two lucky people to have found him.  He even came for their wedding day, and he and Jake had their first look with Anna together.

Happy, happy guy!

And of course a little fetch!


Buddy Bear I think you’ve still got lots left in you, and I know mom and dad will enjoy every moment!


Fall Mini Sessions I Preview, Scituate Portrait Photographer

I really love doing my mini sessions.  Sometimes it takes me until during/after to realize it, and as I write this I need to go clean up my yard for round II tomorrow, but I do LOVE actually doing them and seeing all these smiles, many year after year!

This little cutie started me off last weekend!To me this has holiday card written all over it!  Oh the captions! 

And then his cousins came!  What a happy crew!

I made mom pop in for one- she matched so well! 

And so did the leaves!

Love seeing these three, always.  Can’t believe how grown up Izzy is… 10 years ago last weekend seems like yesterday!

Another gorgeous wedding couple- plus two!  Nora did a lot of growing up this past year!  

Hello? Model session or what?  Beautiful!

Talk about grown up!  Love this crew!

These two cuties were awesome!  Mom was thrilled!

LOVE this one!

I think its been over 10 years I’ve been photographing these three.  Awesome.

Hello, gorgeous family!  And they didn’t have to travel far.  I just LOVE the series with mom & dad!

It was so special to end my day with this amazing family.  They’ve been through a lot the past few years, and Maeve’s journey continues, but she’s winning the fight and has these two amazing siblings by her side!  


Thanks, everyone!  More to come this weekend!


Kelsey & Tucker, Engagement Session Preview, South Shore Wedding Photographer

This couple could not be more awesome.  I have known Kelsey since she was in high school, and she was one of my first senior portraits.  I taught with her wonderful mom, and even back then I heard all about Tucker!  So needless to say these two have been together a long time, and I am so excited to photograph their wedding next summer.  They are a mature, well-grounded couple and I had so much fun with them last Monday evening.  Kelsey had lots of fun ideas too…

Like this one- love how it came out!

I just couldn’t decide which of these was my fave!

A little toast!

Tucker was a trooper.  He even got his jeans wet!

We finished at the Brant Rock Jetty- gorgeous night!

Can’t wait for July!