Kelsey & Tucker, 7.2.17, Popponesset Inn Wedding Photographer

How absolutely awesome to be a part of this big day!  I mentioned in their engagement session post, I’ve known Kelsey since she was in high school, having worked with her mom, and Tucker was always there too… 12 years in the making this one was!  A simply gorgeous Cape Cod summer day.

Gorgeous ladies!  So many fun pics!

Emily with Tucker and the guys, having a blast as usual!Kelsey’s dad seeing her for the first time, just too cute.

Love the romantic colors, seriously could this bridal party be any more beautiful?

The Poppy always picture perfect!Emily’s beautiful final moment shot…Just can’t say enough about the expressions with these two.  Just so much fun!

A shot of Emily’s just after dad gave her away, love this.


Emily’s secret shot!

Not really sure what’s happening here, but they had a plan.

Wind can be annoying, and it can be gorgeous!My fave.  What’s better than an oyster toast?

Tucker’s ring was reluctant to come off.  Guess it was glad to be home.
How awesome is this- the prom photo!?!

Best. Entrance. Ever!I love this one!  DJ KelseyKelsey and Tucker, THANK YOU for making me a part of this day!  Cheers!


Meagan & Adam, 6.16.17, Hanson Wedding Photographer

I truly enjoyed getting to know this couple this past Friday.  I loved how the maid of honor pointed out in her speech that right from the start, they loved each other for who they were, not who they thought they should be.  Those are words to live by!

Love this- the look on her face says it all!

Gorgeous Meagan!Too cute.  “What are your colors?”

This has become one of my favorite spots on the South Shore.  It is so unique and I love to see how couples make it their own.  Meagan’s use of succulents and a rustic, antique theme was absolutely perfect.

Just can’t get enough of that twirl!

Laura’s shots of the guys final moments…

Love this!  Meagan’s mom’s idea…

I love this series Laura captured.  And note- yes, that’s water pouring off the roof!  

Candids- what its all about!

So yes, it was raining.  Scratch that.  It was down pouring.  Luckily Camp Kiwanee has this gorgeous porch we took full advantage of!

The real thing!  Rain and all!  Its about capturing the day!


Had to brave the elements for a few quick shots by the lake, we were dying laughing though because every time we stepped outside the rain got harder!More of Meagan’s awesome succulents!

One of the sweetest father/daughter dances… kicking up those heels!

And mom got in too! And sis!

This crew was ready to party!

Cheers, Meagan & Adam!


The Bowen Twins, Boston Baby Photographer

Oh my goodness!  Look at these guys!  So much fun meeting these two little hams.  Like brothers, so similar and so different…Sweet Axel!  He is such a good boy acting as a sweet pillow!He deserved his own shot…

Tiny fingers and tiny toes and buds for life.


Nancy & Andrew, 4.29.17, Red Lion Inn, Cohasset Wedding Photographer

Every few years I get a very special couple that contacts me, a couple that qualifies for BOTH of the discounts that I offer, my educator discount and my military discount.  Besides the obvious, both of these areas are very near and dear to my heart.  Nancy teaches kindergarten and I can only imagine her students adore her just like my son adores his kindergarten teacher!  She has such a wonderful, caring way about her, whether you are her student or not.  And Andrew, Army to the core,  showing dedication and perseverance in his personal and professional life.  What a spectacular day for this pair last Saturday, a piece of summer in April!

The story Nancy’s mom told about when they gave her these shoes is even better than how rockin’ awesome they looked!

First look with Dad!


Possibly my favorite first look shot ever!  Andrew is barely (okay he really wasn’t at all) keeping it together!

Twirly dance party!Gorgeous Flowers by Maryellen!

Bridesmaids and Bridesman!


Perfect mode of transport!

Emily working her magic as usual!

My favorite!  Emily’s shot!  THIS is why a second shooter is a must!  I was in the aisle when this shot happened- photographing Nancy and her dad.  Emily is off to the side, capturing this!

And this!

Rings with a fist pump!

A summer day in spring… beach shots made easy!

This pier is such a great spot- you can spy the Boston skyline in the distance.

The always gorgeous Red Lion.

Emily’s perfection!

We just can’t get enough of LII!  Ever!

Thank you for an amazing day, Nancy and Andrew!  I know you’ll live happily ever after!