K. Family Portrait Preview, Pocasset Portrait Photographer

I love this family!  The last time I photographed the entire K. crew my older son was just a few weeks old.  And P., their littlest member, hadn’t even arrived yet!  So it was high time for another family photo.

Aw!  They grow up so fast.

It was a crazy night (again, yes, here I go with the weather).  It started out sunny but quickly those clouds came in.  But the G. family got some sunny shots!

SO cute!

I tried to mix it up a bit with locations for individual family portraits.  The M. family!

These three cuties have been extremely patient with my two little guys at the beach this summer.  My boys just worship them!

The girlies.

This shot cracks me up.  There are quite a few of them like this and all hilarious with the boys’ faces.

The T. family… a different spot.

I guess I liked that spot.  The S. family (yes THESE crazy people again.).

Just like old times.  Mom, Dad and the girls.

I got a few candids of the nine grandchildren at the end of the night.

Thanks again, K. Family!  Never a dull moment!


Linda Trombly - Thank you Elizabeth! The pictures look fantastic! Great work!!!

E. & J. Wedding Preview, Cohasset Wedding Photographer

Wow.  It has been the summer of crazy weather.  I drove to E. & J.’s wedding from the Cape through a massive downpour.  And then literally, the skies parted.  Perfection!  I have been looking forward to this wedding all summer.   J.’s mom was my mentor when I taught fourth grade.  I heard so much about J., and as soon as I met E. I immediately adored her (I think this is a common reaction!).  It was wonderful to be a part of this day.

EVERYONE was so calm and cool (despite the crazy weather) when I arrived at the Cohasset Harbor Inn.  Details were all in place!

E.’s dress was amazing, and then she added this accent belt which was absolutely perfect.

And J. and the groomsmen had gorgeous linen suits (and boat shoes!) that fit the venue perfectly.


The patio at the Inn was a beautiful spot.  Simple with Cohasset Harbor as a perfect backdrop.

I’m not sure what’s going on here.  These guys were hilarious.  Not the first time I’ll mention this I’m sure!

The sand pouring took forever, but it looked great!

So many great spots for a few formals… E. and her ladies.

And a quick trip to the pier, which was right there, with the bridal party.

I kept telling the guys: “Now look at E.!”.  It took a few minutes and E. was hysterical by the end.  I love when my “posed” moments go candid!

The light was perfect for a few more shots of E. & J.  But it was humid!  They were troopers.

I overdid it here on the shots of their first dance.  Couldn’t decide!

E. has GREAT expressions.  More to come.

Ah… J.’s older brother’s toast.  Classic.

This party had no problem getting started.  This crew got down!



Yes, I managed to keep my eyes relatively dry during Mom and J.’s dance.  You know I don’t hold it together well on these mother-son dances anymore!  But not to worry, it actually enhances my photographic skills.

Just such a happy bride!

Thank you so much for including me in your day, E. & J.  Many more great shots coming soon!


M. Senior Portrait Preview, Scituate Yearbook Photographer

I have had the privilege of photographing M.’s two older sisters for their senior portraits, and a few years ago we had all of the girls (four of them!) together for a shot, which is on my site.  SUCH a great family!  Tonight was M.’s turn! Perfect night at Peggotty.  And a regatta in the background.

I reminisced that I wore a very similar shirt for my own yearbook portrait, which was a long time ago!  But I remember it so well!

Such great light!

Just after the sun goes down the horizon behind the water lights up- PERFECT backdrop.

M. you have to submit one of these to the VV catalog! =)

It was so great catching up with M. and family.  ENJOY your senior year!


B. Family Portrait Preview, Marstons Mills Portrait Photographer

It was so great to see the B. family and meet the two newest members!  They were both such little camera hams.  I mean look at them!

Grandma and her grandbabies!  So sweet.

I love these two.  Look at that mischievous look and he’s grabbing her hand and then…

Mmmmm… let me just taste this.

More grandbabies!

C. is loving those drool bubbles in this family shot.

I think he is puckering up here!

Only 8 weeks old- amazing!


Love the facial expression here!

SO alert!

More bubbles!

Thank you, B. family for a great morning!  Your family is perfect and I loved seeing all of you again.


S. Family Preview, Pocasst Portrait Photographer

It could not have been a more gorgeous night for my good friends the S. Family.  I was extremely jealous.  The night of our family portrait was crazy hot and humid.  Hair does not hold up well in that stuff!  But I digress…

The Secret Beach!  Where is it?  Its a secret!

G. the dog came for some shots too.  Fresh from the “groomer”.

B. showing off his dance moves.  P. is not impressed.

I didn’t even have to pose this!  And barely had to pose the following shot which I love.

The entire fam is visiting and we took advantage of the perfect light for some great family shots.

Four generations!

And a few candids as the sun went down.

Thanks, S. family.  See you Thursday for round two.