W. Family Portrait Preview, Scraggy Neck Portrait Photographer

Okay enough about the weather.  Actually Thursday was beautiful.  And so is this family!  AND they were very cooperative.  We did several setups and the kids were great.

We started in the back yard.  A few shots before being subjected to the windy beach…

And some individual family shots as well…

It wouldn’t be a Scraggy Neck shoot without some golf cart shots.  I didn’t even pose this one- they were just riding along.

The causeway was a little windy and sunny, but such a perfect backdrop.

With a quick break to fix hair (it was seriously howling down there- I’d say a steady 15 mph at least) we went to the anchorage.  Much calmer and these are my favorites.

Such cuties.

A. (only girl!) wanted a glam shot.

The ladies of the family!

The dock was E.’s idea, and the light was perfect.

T. and E. taking advantage of that perfect light.

And one more golf cart shot to wrap it up!

W. family, I enjoyed meeting you!  Thanks for being so great to work with!


C. Senior Portrait Preview, Scituate Yearbook Photographer

Yes, I’m complaining about the weather again.  And I shouldn’t be right now because there’s air conditioning in here!  It seems like every night is a chance of storms, but I guess I can’t really complain because C. ended up with a great night for his portrait after all!

Ah boys are so different from girls with this, as you can imagine, but C. was a very good sport and we got plenty of great shots.

These grass shots were my personal favorites.

Is it me or is this lifeguard chair very different every year?

We even had a hazy sunshine to end the night.

Thanks, C., I think mom will be happy!


E. & C. Wedding Preview, Scituate Wedding Photographer


Whoa.  I’m glad this rain decided to come tonight, and not this past weekend.  Actually the rain was quite cooperative for E. & C.  It DID come Saturday evening, but we were inside the beautiful Indian Pond by then!  Whew!

Actually when I arrived in Rockland for some preparation shots, the sun was out!

E. was GLOWING.  You can just see the calm anticipation in her face.

LOVE this.  She is just genuinely so happy!

I think I have this exact shot from earlier this year at a First Communion!  I guess I like this angle of St. Mary’s.  After all, it is on my running route so I get a good look at it frequently!

C. all ready to go!

I love this shot of E.’s brother, waiting for guests like the perfect usher!

And E.’s other brother, with Baby N., who was AMAZING the entire day!

So C., to me, seems like a very calm, extremely well-put-together person. But he looks nervous here!  I think this must be pretty nerve wracking for men.  I mean, are they thinking “I know she’s going to look amazing- can I keep from falling over?”… but for brides this very moment (well at least from my own experience and from the expressions I see on brides’ faces) is one of sheer joy and excitement.

Which is why I love this shot!  And I LOVE dad in this shot.  But especially the next one.

E.’s dad was so clearly giving away his baby.  His bittersweet happiness was apparent the whole night.

This isn’t the last time you will see the maid of honor, E. making sure all is perfect for E.  She was amazing!

So cute!

I hadn’t been in St. Mary’s for a while, and I’d forgotten about the ceiling. When I walked in I thought- oh!  I love this church!  I snuck up in the balcony and got a few shots.  This first one is my classic balcony shot…

While in this one I kept the focus on the ceiling.

E.’s dress was perfect on her.  I love how she stood off-center of the altar.

I liked both vantage points of this shot- focus on the priest,

and focus on the couple.

And again I had to get that whole beautiful church in!

I always love this shot.  Like they are going into their bright future… (Corny?  Symbolic?  You choose.)

A toast before the beach!

A little blurb before this mass of photos.  I don’t go heavy on the “formals” in my galleries or blog posts.  To me the wedding is more about the DAY itself and the COUPLE and their FAMILIES and FRIENDS.  I truly aim to capture the story of the day.  Of course the formals are fun as well and I go as crazy as the couple wants me to go!   I was excited to do some wedding formals in Scituate, since I haven’t utilized the Scituate beaches for wedding portraits since moving here. SO- that said- here are lots of fun Scituate shots!  First was Peggotty.

AND it should be noted that E. had all these fun props!  I take no credit!


Very clever.  We did a lot of shots with these…

And Baby N.!  Amazing as ever!

Then to the lighthouse…

E. & C.’s bridal party did not utter one complaint!  All these photos!  They were troopers.  And those of you who know this beach know there were some serious rocks to trek over…

Such a cute moment.  E.’s brother and sis-in-law (expecting soon!).

So yes, you know I’m thinking- hmm- if I had one more MAYBE I could have this photos in my children’s future!  E.’s mom mentioned to me that when E. (the youngest) was born, they told her he was a boy.  Well, was she ever surprised.  IMAGINE?  I can’t even imagine!

First time with her feet in the Atlantic!

The light on overcast days is easier to manage, so we utilized both the view of the harbor and the lighthouse.

Ugh those rocks. Finally C. carried E.!  What a guy!

This was adorable.  There were a bunch of sightseers, and one older woman exclaimed “What a beautiful bride you are!  I came all the way from Canada to see you!”

And then off to Indian Pond in Kingston… a few more shots on the bridge before the rain came.  Thanks to my great golf cart driver for these shots!

We are missing a couple from this shot (diaper emergency), but I love this.

Indian Pond is one of my favorite spots on the South Shore.  The entire venue is simply beautiful, and I particularly love the ballroom.

Matty B. provided not only the entertainment, but the uplighting as well.

Again, I love the expressions.

This man knows his wife!  Already!

Look who’s still standing!

A friend of E.’s just started  oh!photo out of Jamaica Plain.  I got a few shots of the candids from my view.  Check out their site for the camera’s view!

Love those expressions- again!

The dance floor was packed!

And C. got to dance with all of the ladies in his life.

The bouquet toss was one of those- Oh! I want it!  No… I really don’t!

Cheers, C. & E., to a great day!


Dan and Claire Wholley - Lovely pictures illustrating moments of a truly beautiful celebration of love.

T. Family Portrait Preview, Martha’s Vineyard Portrait Photographer

I enjoyed photographing the T. family again, now one member more than two years ago!  Not only are they a beautiful family, but they are so great to work with.  This summer they decided to try out the Vineyard, so Wednesday evening I headed over to meet them.  They chose this spot at Edgartown Lighthouse, which was PERFECT.

I love all of these- each a little different!


We have a shot very similar to this from two years ago.  So we had to add Baby E. in!

Mom and E.  E. was amazing the whole time even though it was past her bedtime!

I love how they’re all glancing upward here.  Dad spotted the moon in the sky.

What a great big brother!  F. was also extremely cooperative!

E. wasn’t too excited when mom walked away, but she did great on this series.  And note the sailboat in the background as it move along!

F. at first said he didn’t want to be in the photos.  But that changed quickly!

I’m pretty sure this is the exact shot from two years ago!

More of Mom and E.  So cute!

I loved so many of the spots at this beach.  This dock was perfect.

And we even go a shot of R. & J. alone, well, okay R. may be holding someone’s hand there but we won’t tell!

Thank you so much for having me to the Vineyard, T. family!  I loved seeing you again and had a wonderful evening!