K. & P. Wedding Preview, Plymouth Wedding Photographer

Finally some beautiful, dry, summer weather!  And just in time for K. & P.’s wedding day.  You will recognize them from their engagement session just a few weeks ago!

I arrived for the final moments of K.’s preparations.

Actually everyone’s final moments of preparation!  K. & P. included their little niece and two nephews in their day, and I promise you’ll see more of these cuties…

Most Enthusiastic Ring Bearer.  Ever.

A shot of K. ready to go looking absolutely stunning.  I bet you can already see the P.’s face as he sees her for the first time.  It’s coming.

I loved this church, St. Mary’s in historic downtown Plymouth.  It had some amazing detail.

A little nervous?  Hmmm…. no.  Just excited I think.

I LOVE these next two shots.  Couldn’t decide which I preferred.

I honestly thought he was going to fall over.


A few shots from the back and one from above.  Again I love the details, especially the lamps.

This was so cute.  K. slipped up on her vows a bit and swapped her name for P.’s.  And when she realized it… great photo op!


I said what?!

B., the little ring bearer, was amazing.  Truly wins some kind of ring bearer award.

LOVE this!

And married!

Probably my favorite shot from the entire day.  P. and his grandma.  I was tearing up when I shot this!

Receiving lines are not as common these days, I find, but K. & P. had some time between their ceremony and reception.  I love the expressions I can get from the receiving line!

Off to White Cliffs!

We did a few shots up in the gardens…

Then headed down the MANY stairs to the beach.  This is just ONE of the staircases.  K. did these in her heels!

Yes, those heels!



P. was a sport for this series.  Grooms are never super psyched about this shot, but I love the results!

Back up we go… this is the hard part.   I actually think she put the shoes back on for the trek!

Some details…

The little ones held up really well!  Especially B., the amazing ring bearer (more to come!).

Fantastic (and funny!) speeches and toasts.  And we hear a bit about P.’s affinity for turkey subs.  Hmmmm.

Looks like your typical cake cutting, right?  But then….

So cute!  K. whips out a turkey sub that she had specially prepared for P.  Best wedding present ever!

And obviously, she feeds it to him.

K. and her dad were perfect- singing along with the song.

And then mom joined in!

Yes, you know it.  Tearing up again!  Hey I have two boys!

Time to party!

And when you’re three…. the party is the Hokey Pokey!  B. was the band’s special guest!

Cheers, K. & P.!  Thank you for a great day!


W. Age Four Session, Falmouth Portrait Photographer

W. is four years old!  For some reason this bday of his seems like a big one.  Maybe its the leap in independence he’s taken in the past year… okay its a small leap in the grand scheme but he is growing up! 

Had to get a few shots of his devilish brother too.  My husband is threatening to cut his hair… I’m afraid I’ll come back from a shoot one night and those curls will be gone!

Bourne Farm in West Falmouth is one of my FAVORITE places for portraits.  SO many spots!

I have to make W. laugh, because he’s doing the horrible “cheese” smile otherwise.

W. gets a big kick out of his little brother.  J. takes on the clown role willingly and is quite good at it…

Classic clown!

J. has NOT been loving the camera lately! But I love the candids of him.

I think his brother was actually making him laugh here for a change.

My favorite of the two of them.

Not sure what I said here to make them open wide?

Here’s the “cheese” smile.  But I like the background.

I have one from last year in the same tree!

I love this.  So thoughtful.  Actually I think he’s just annoyed with me.

This is very typical J.  He’s just crazy.  CRAZY.

Apparently, whatever I did here worked!

And thanks, Uncle D. & Auntie K. for our kickin’ Nantucket Reds!



L. Family Portrait Preview, Scituate Portrait Photographer

Such a treat to have the L. family here visiting!  This family is AMAZING for so many reasons, especially how awesome these kids are!  S. and I did a photo swap last night (simultaneously, so it was a little crazy to say the least!).  She got some FANTASTIC shots of my family (coming soon) which was not easy considering my boys were less than cooperative.  Her children, on the other hand, all four of them, were awesome!

A few in our backyard…

In between here was a somewhat failed pyramid attempt, which I know S. will be posting but it kind of looks a little like I was torturing R., the youngest, so I’ll leave that post to her! =)

Down to Peggotty!  The sun had literally JUST gone behind the clouds, but the light was still pretty. These kids are so natural in photos!

LOVE C.’s face in this one…

Some fun at the end!  S.’s pants are wet because of the shots she got of us just before this!

I loved seeing you all again, L. family.  Wish you lived closer for so many reasons!


evelyn - oh my goodness what wonderful photos of a wonderful family!!!! C is soooooo handsome!!!! i love every single person in this family and you did such a great job capturing their personalities :)

L. Family Portrait Preview, Scituate Portrait Photographer

If you had this week off- wow- you chose a perfect week!  It has been gorgeous along the shore of Massachusetts this week.  The L. family celebrated D.’s first birthday followed by a beautiful week of vacation!  I still can’t believe D. is only 12 months old.  She was chatting up a storm and LOVED being at the beach!  I thought for sure she’d end up in the water before the end of our session!

This little girl had the BEST expressions!  She was so much fun!

I get a kick out of this series.  D.: “That lady?? You want me to look at that lady?”

Mom: “Yes but put your hand down!”

D: “Oh I get it now!”

Scooting, scooting scooting toward the water…

Look at that face!

SO many expressions!  I could have made this series at least five photos longer…

Special thanks to the doggy that helped out with this last shot!

So nice to meet you D. and family!  You were a great model!


A. & N. Wedding Preview, Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

A. & N. had been planning for this day for a long time.  I “met” A. about a year and a half ago over the phone, sitting in my office in Scituate.  Fast forward one year and A. & N. are now also residents of Scituate.  Although we haven’t seen much of each other around town, as I’ve been in Pocasset for about a month now and A. & N. have been in Orleans every chance they get, preparing for the big day.  Their home in Orleans is perfect Cape Cod… so many of the original details of their home are intact.  I grabbed a few in their preparation shots…

Ready to go!

Their yard is such a perfect spot.  I love the second shot especially, again so simplistically Cape.  The roses, the little cedar and the marsh.


First look time!  Here she goes…

I love the looks on their faces.  First looks are becoming more and more popular I’m finding.  It is certainly a more intimate way to share the moment.

We headed to St. Joan of Arc for the ceremony.

Waiting in the wings…

I love the light in this church…

And I was in love with this banner too.

Now for my favorite part.  And now my blog followers, you’ll remember A. & N.’s engagement session if you haven’t already!  We left the church in the yellow jeep… headed for Nauset.  Providence videographer, David Bettencourt, who I was so thrilled to meet and work with, inspired me as he captured our ride to the beach.  So I’ve included a little play-by-play here.  Hope you can experience some of the fun!

Off to Nauset.

On our way… the jeep was decked out with cans, writing, etc… as you can see from the mirror below.

Had to include our stop with beach patrol.  I love his face.  And of course he warned us of the sharks…

Perfect day for photos on Nauset, it could honestly be a tropical destination in some of these.

My fav’s…

Yes, I am obsessed with the jeep.

LOVE these dunes.

And finally we’re off to the reception!

I always love how couples incorporate intimate details.  The driftwood centerpieces were perfect.

A. loves this move (and apparently so do I!)!

Great toasts all around.

I always love working with Casual Gourmet.  Not only is their food amazing, but they know how to run the show.

AND make a cake!

As You Like It was fantastic.  Best Springsteen covers I have heard in a while!

We found a perfect spot to get a shot from across the marsh…

Cheers, A. & N.!  PERFECT day.  Hope to see you around town!

Church: St. Joan of Arc, Orleans

Caterer/Cake, The Casual Gourmet

Tent: Party Cape Cod

Band: As You Like It (Vykki Vox)

Florist: Meredith Fancy

Videographer: David Bettencourt

A.’s Gown: Christina’s (Jenny Lee)

Hair: Kim Maroux



meghan Notartomaso - Gorgeous bride, amazing location, beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! You both look so happy!!

Michael Gray - Absolutely beautiful.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Denis!!!

I am forever sorry I missed your wedding.

God bless both of you.

Michael Gray