K. & P. Engagement Session Preview, Scituate, MA Wedding Photographer

Driving North on Saturday I looked out to see a VERY dark sky ahead of me.  Although I was meeting K. & P. just down the street from my home I had a session in Plymouth earlier that day, so I had the pleasure of driving through a NASTY thunderstorm!  K. & P. did too as they were also in Plymouth (where they’ll be tying the knot in just a few weeks!).  BUT… the skies cleared in dramatic fashion and we were able to get our engagement session in at Egypt Beach, where K. has spent summers since childhood.

And of course we had a rainbow to start the shoot!  Here I silhouetted the couple to show the dramatic sky.

Egypt Beach is piled high with perfectly shaped stones. 

K. & P. mentioned they were both a bit camera shy, but we did very little posing and they were so natural!

The other end of the rainbow…

Really!  So natural!

The sun came out and gave us some more dramatic light, and look who joined us just in time…

These two are my favorites.


We finished up in the backyard of K.’s family home, and I think both K. & P. will have no problem relaxing in front of the camera on their big day in a few weeks!


A. Senior Portraits Preview, Scituate, MA Yearbook Photographer

My first senior of 2012!  A. is heading on an exciting trip soon AND that gorgeous hair?  She’s donating it, so she decided to get her senior photos done early!

We hiked over the seaweed to the rocks for these shots- still one of my favorite spots at Peggotty.

PERFECT breeze for A.’s beautiful hair.  I love her smile in this shot.

A couple by the surf…

And then up to the grasses.  The light was a PERFECT.  A few clouds came and gave us a beautiful milky sunlight.

An outfit change and a few by the fence, which I hope is still in place by the end of the summer!  Preserve those dunes!

And then to another of my favorite spots- the marsh behind the beach.

A., I enjoyed meeting you and good luck with your endeavors!


Stacy - Oh my gosh, Liz! This may be my favorite session of yours ever! Gorgeous location (can we do this spot?), gorgeous light, gorgeous girl (and can she donate her hair to ME?)… gorgeous photography! LOOOOVE it

Scituate, MA Children’s Photographer

I had to share a few shots of my boys from the hot, hot day.  They could have cared less!

My little devil!

My big devil!

7pm?  95 degrees?  Who cares?


Stacy - Oh such cutie pies! I can’t wait for our “shootout” … CAN.. NOT… WAIT. IN fact, I may be going to look at outfits.. right.. NOW! :)

M. Portrait Preview, Scituate, MA Children’s Photographer

Well, we had a few other things planned for M.’s photo shoot yesterday but she feel asleep on the way!  Who can blame her?  It was about 95 degrees outside!  So she was not the happiest camper when she arrived, but a Popsicle later we got some great shots.

We did some studio shots to start.

Then headed outside… hot… and not so happy at first! Again, I don’t blame her!

I love this shot because to me she looks just like her daddy in it!

A little game of peek-a-boo behind the tree.

Eventually something was very funny!

Just a fun, whimsical one to end with…


Baby L. Preview, Lakeville, Ma Newborn Photographer

I love getting a sneak peek at all of these little babies!  I was so excited to meet Baby L.  She was PERFECT for our photo session, snoozing at first so we got some great shots with mom and dad.  I absolutely love their expressions.  They are so genuine.

Baby L. loved to put her hands in her face!  Mom was trying to coax them away so we could see that beautiful face…

I love the way dad is holding her here.

So I had to add mom in too!

Yes, yes, I know I do this shot all the time but I love it!  I especially love the way they are looking at each other in the second shot.

Peacefully snoozing..

Then we headed up to the nursery (still snoozing).

And AWAKE!  And mom is laughing as she looks at these (which are by far my fav’s) because she knows what was really going on!

I love all of these and take little credit- holding her up like this was mom’s idea.

This Moses Basket is POSH.  I mean some seriously nice material in there!  This girl is stylin’!

Peaceful in the cocoon (not really, actually this was the one thing she really was not a fan of!)…

This baby is one week old!  Look at her skills!

Baby L. was extremely alert for us!  She was very interested in everything going on around her (probably thinking- are you people crazy?).

And one more family shot in the backyard…

Baby L. I LOVED meeting you!  I am so excited to watch you grow!