Baby L. Preview, Lakeville, Ma Newborn Photographer

I love getting a sneak peek at all of these little babies!  I was so excited to meet Baby L.  She was PERFECT for our photo session, snoozing at first so we got some great shots with mom and dad.  I absolutely love their expressions.  They are so genuine.

Baby L. loved to put her hands in her face!  Mom was trying to coax them away so we could see that beautiful face…

I love the way dad is holding her here.

So I had to add mom in too!

Yes, yes, I know I do this shot all the time but I love it!  I especially love the way they are looking at each other in the second shot.

Peacefully snoozing..

Then we headed up to the nursery (still snoozing).

And AWAKE!  And mom is laughing as she looks at these (which are by far my fav’s) because she knows what was really going on!

I love all of these and take little credit- holding her up like this was mom’s idea.

This Moses Basket is POSH.  I mean some seriously nice material in there!  This girl is stylin’!

Peaceful in the cocoon (not really, actually this was the one thing she really was not a fan of!)…

This baby is one week old!  Look at her skills!

Baby L. was extremely alert for us!  She was very interested in everything going on around her (probably thinking- are you people crazy?).

And one more family shot in the backyard…

Baby L. I LOVED meeting you!  I am so excited to watch you grow!


E. & J. Engagement Session Preview, Cohasset Wedding Photographer

I was so excited when E. & J. asked me to photograph their wedding this August.  J.’s mom was my mentor when I taught fourth grade, and I had heard so much about him!

We visited their wedding site, The Cohasset Harbor Inn, where we did a few shots around the harbor.  I love how the sun glare adds to the compass in this one…

This was about the point where J. was thinking, um, okay, how long is this going to last?  And E. was saying, well….

We found a great little park just outside the Inn gate as well to utilize the day of.

Looking out at the harbor…

Then it was up to Lighthouse Lane for a few more shots.

I love this spot with the old light in the background.  It also has a different vantage of the harbor as seen in the next shot.

Next we headed over to Sandy Beach.  My favorite part about this spot is the marsh behind the beach.  It is easy to keep to the paths, so as not to disturb the dunes but get some great shots!

LOVE these…

Same shot, different focal point.

Heading across the street I like using these rocks with Minot Light in the background.

Probably my favorite shot.  I think I had just told J. to give E. a kiss.  Classic!

See you in August, E. & J.!


S. Twins Preview, Marshfield Baby Photographer

It was SUCH a treat to meet the S. twins.  They were not too sure about me at first, but with a little patience (and of course a feeding as well!) we got some GREAT shots!

Twins amaze me.  A. & A. loved being close to each other.  I love how they have linked arms here…

While I thought they could not look more different from each other, in some shots, like this one, you can see many similarities!

So moms, especially those with new babies (and these are twins no less!) are never too psyched when I coax them into the photos!  But I love these shots!  Such a proud mama.

Both of the twins LOVED the light and looking up at the trees outside.  I think mom will be using this trick a lot now!

And mom and her baby girl.  I love these two.

We did lots of individuals as well.  I love A.’s expression here, he is looking right at mommy!

And A. in her Moses Basket in a cutie little outfit.

Double the love!

A. & A. it was so great to meet you!  Thank you for being so good for your photo shoot!


Baby P. Four Month Preview, Scituate Baby Photographer

I promised you’d be seeing more of Baby P.!  Here she is already four months old.  We had so much fun with our studio shoot!

Baby in a bucket!

This was hilarious.  The poor thing was down a little too far…

So we propped her up!

Mom was spotting the basket nearby!

This was a quick candid without much thought to light or background, but as always, the candids are my favorite!

You will be seeing more of this outfit this summer!

Love that diaper cover!


F. Family Portrait Preview, Halifax Portrait Photographer

This was a very special session!  R. & K. were my very first wedding couple seven years ago.  It was so great to see them and finally meet M., who turned two in March.  Once she warmed up to me she was quite the little ham! We used their yard for the shoot which was perfect.  I find especially with little ones, home is best!  They are comfortable in their surroundings which makes them that much more apt to enjoy the session.

I love when something I have in my mind translates perfectly to an image as in this shot.  I was looking for profiles of both R. & K. and M. enjoying the attention.

My oldest son LOVES anything to do with planting, etc., watering being his favorite. When I was editing he saw this shot and was all excited!

I love this series…

M. taking time to smell the flowers.

So cute of Dad and M!  Only her daddy could make her crack up like this!

This one cracks ME up because I have a shot of her cousin that is just like this!

M.’s view…

Mom and Dad’s view…

Queen of the hill!

This one is my favorite for sure.

It was so great to see all of you, F. family!