Studio Preview, Scituate, MA Portrait Photographer

Perfect timing for a gloomy day!  My new backdrops arrived so I took a few shots of my boys.  I am working on an alphabet book for J., but I didn’t get very far.  I need to scrounge for some more props and I also need a baby who is not a miserable teething mess =(.  But W. was willing to ham it up a bit.

Hmmm… this may look more like an oar?

Eventually, I’ll swap this for the real thing! But I just love his expression.


Baby N. Preview, Quincy, MA Baby Photographer

Just after Halloween, I sat with my boys for our daily after play/workout snack at Mamas Move.  I picked up a message on my voice mail from my good friend.  As she barely held herself together she explained that she had delivered her baby the week before.  He was due to arrive January 30th.  He was holding on, but both mom and baby had barely made it.  They needed prayers, good thoughts, and she’d keep me posted on N.’s progress.

Four months later,  with unbelievable care from N.’s doctors and nurses and love and nurturing from mom and dad, baby N. is home.  His story (and his mom’s too) is nothing short of a miracle.  Although it was a very rough beginning, N. is doing AMAZINGLY well.  So needless to say, I was so thrilled to be able to meet him and photograph him.  Stories like this hopefully allow us to take a time out from the hectic day-to-day and realized how blessed we are.

When I arrived, N. was asleep in his Moses Basket.  But not for long!  Look at those eyes!

Every time N.’s mom showed me photos from the hospital, N. was wide awake and checking things out.  The nurses said he was one of the most observant babies they’d ever had.

This one is my favorite.  Its like a looking into a window of what he’ll look like as a little boy!

N. and mom.  So perfect!

N. started to get a little sleepy, so big brother C. came in for his turn!  NOT camera shy!  You might remember C. from a few months ago (here’s that shoot- on my old blog).  What a gorgeous little boy!  We squeezed that November shoot of C. in for a surprise for his mom not long after N. was born.  As you can imagine, it was incredibly difficult for the entire family, but mom especially, to be making daily trips into the hospital for four months.   Occasionally my boys and I would watch C. while mom went in.  He is perfect!

Love!The Boys!And the whole fam…Baby N., I’m so glad you’re here.


Sara Coffey - OMG, those pictures are wonderful!! I just love them!! The black and white family pictures are awesome! Everyone looks great!!

W. & J., Scituate, MA Portrait Photographer

On our recent trip to San Antonio to visit my in-laws, I brought along the boys’ new Augusta shirts (courtesy of their grandparents upon their recent visit there).  To celebrate Masters Sunday, we took a few shots on the green out in front of my in-law’s home.  They crack me up!

I love this series.  Its like they are discussing their putting techniques.

A little help from Dad hamming it up behind me.W. is an extremely photogenic child.  Thank God!

J. has been doing this face lately.  I call it his “Dr. Evil Snare”.

While we visited, many of the beautiful Texas wildflowers were still in bloom.  I have to admit though, my vision for this shot involved little girls in white dresses.  I have on occasion put a bow in J.’s hair (just to test it out for my neice!  I swear!), but I didn’t go so far as to act on my vision here.  Cars t-shirts had to do.

So this “wildflower” is actually a weed.  But I took so many photos of it because it fascinated me.  And the butterflies are just everywhere.  I won’t bore you with all my flower shots though!


Baby P., One Week, Concord Newborn Photographer

Just to show off my new blog a bit, more of Baby P. And since they’ve been mailed- a glimpse of her birth announcement!

She is perfect!

Love this series.

Not so sure of me…

Getting annoyed…

That’s it!

The back of her birth announcement…The one year old that was the terror… and the bossy three year old.Baby P., here’s to many more photo shoots!