W. & J., Scituate, MA Portrait Photographer

On our recent trip to San Antonio to visit my in-laws, I brought along the boys’ new Augusta shirts (courtesy of their grandparents upon their recent visit there).  To celebrate Masters Sunday, we took a few shots on the green out in front of my in-law’s home.  They crack me up!

I love this series.  Its like they are discussing their putting techniques.

A little help from Dad hamming it up behind me.W. is an extremely photogenic child.  Thank God!

J. has been doing this face lately.  I call it his “Dr. Evil Snare”.

While we visited, many of the beautiful Texas wildflowers were still in bloom.  I have to admit though, my vision for this shot involved little girls in white dresses.  I have on occasion put a bow in J.’s hair (just to test it out for my neice!  I swear!), but I didn’t go so far as to act on my vision here.  Cars t-shirts had to do.

So this “wildflower” is actually a weed.  But I took so many photos of it because it fascinated me.  And the butterflies are just everywhere.  I won’t bore you with all my flower shots though!


Baby P., One Week, Concord Newborn Photographer

Just to show off my new blog a bit, more of Baby P. And since they’ve been mailed- a glimpse of her birth announcement!

She is perfect!

Love this series.

Not so sure of me…

Getting annoyed…

That’s it!

The back of her birth announcement…The one year old that was the terror… and the bossy three year old.Baby P., here’s to many more photo shoots!