The Fisher Family Portrait Preview, Boston Portrait Photographer

It has been a very busy few, well like six, months.  Winding down for sure.  But last Saturday was one of the best, albeit busiest days.  I started off meeting this adorably awesome family at a very cool spot in Cambridge.  People ask me how to prepare for their session- the best piece of advice I can give is keep your cool!  Have fun!  Try (appreciating how hard it is) not to get frustrated if your kids are not 100% cooperative- just keep rolling- your pics will be great.  The Fisher crew did just this (although credit to the little ones- they are happy as clams the whole time!)!

And what is cooler than the Zakim Bridge in the background?  The duck boats!

And great view of the skyline!Happy kiddos!

Love the love!

Perfect way to end!  Thank you Fisher crew for such a great start to my day!